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Mostly Minutia Podcast

People share stories about a seemingly trivial detail in their life.

Hosted by Colleen Lindl

Cover art by Evah Fan

Nov 17, 2016

Bonnie Terril stands erect in the sunlight at the 2016 Twin Cities Pride Fest.

In this episode, I follow Bonnie and her clothing line Wiener Winks and they set up shop at the Twin Cities Pride Fest. On our adventure, we also meet Marc Holley a former Marine now business owner of Atlas Defense Minnesota; A company that teaches situational awareness and fire arms training. We also meet Mark Steiger President of Pink Pistols Twin Cities, DeWayne Davis Pastor of All God's Children Metropolitan Community Church and an old college friend of mine Katrina Plotz who spells out everything Gender Identity from Non-Binary to Cysgender to the current definition of Queer.

*A gentle word of caution: This episode deals with male genitalia. Not the physical form but the drawing and artwork of male genitalia.

Original article written by Jonathan Rauch on Pink Pistols in Salon magazine

Contact Marc Holley I 1.612.492.1297 I Follow Marc Holley on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook @atlasdefensemn

Follow Wiener Winks on IG or Facebook @wienerwinks

Music featured 


Chris Zabriskie