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Mostly Minutia Podcast

People share stories about a seemingly trivial detail in their life.

Hosted by Colleen Lindl

Cover art by Evah Fan

Oct 24, 2017

Jack Somers is a Marine Corps Capt. He entered the Marines in 2006. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and shortly after his return began experiencing seizures. He became medically separated from the Marine Corps in 2012. Jack is also the creator of Relobase which is an app that helps service men and women relocate. This episode is the first of two installments on Jack’s story. Think of part one as Marine Corps 101. In this episode, I ask Jack all questions Marine Corps. So if you’ve ever been confused about the Marine Corps and how it operates, like I was, this’ll help you better understand. We also talk about how Jack grew up, his parents, college, all the way up to Afghanistan and his time there. Part two encompasses Jack’s life post Afghanistan and in that episode we talk about Jack's dealings with seizures, his medical separation, and how the trajectory of his life has changed including working on film sets as an actor/consultant and his recognition of the need for Relobase.

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Cover Art by Evah Fan