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Mostly Minutia Podcast

People share stories about a seemingly trivial detail in their life.

Hosted by Colleen Lindl

Cover art by Evah Fan

Jan 6, 2017

This is Loretta Owens.

Loretta Owens has been a professional Perfume Spritzer (also known as a Fragrance Model) in the Fragrance department of Sephora for 16yrs. She's been working at the Westfield Century City location in Los Angeles for over 10yrs. In 2015, Los Angeles Magazine did a piece on Loretta. The article was written by Freelance Journalist Molly Longman and is titled "LA Archetype: Perfume Spritzer". The interview encompassed Loretta's passion for fragrance. Her knowledge of top, middle, and base notes. Her recollection of each scent in her store by nose which is over 100 fragrances and her love for her clients through listening to them and understanding their needs. The articled portrayed Loretta's passion and bright personality so effervescently that I had to interview her. Thank you to LA Magazine and Molly Longman for connecting me with Loretta. This was my dream interview of 2016. I really hope you enjoy getting to know and learn from Loretta. 

Link to article "LA Archetype: Perfume Spritzer"

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Molly Longman is a Freelance Journalist who writes intriguing articles for Teen Vogue, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and LA Magazine.

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Photograph of Loretta in LAMag by Christina Gandolfo

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