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Mostly Minutia Podcast

People share stories about a seemingly trivial detail in their life.

Hosted by Colleen Lindl

Cover art by Evah Fan

Nov 23, 2016

In the spirit of Rodney Dangerfield's "What's a bath without bubbles?" What's Thanksgiving without Gage? Gage Agnew is co-host of the Almost Adults Podcast and a very generous co-host at that. Holding to a more traditional long form interview, Gage and I talk about his moving to Los Angeles at 21, not knowing a soul,...

Nov 17, 2016

Bonnie Terril stands erect in the sunlight at the 2016 Twin Cities Pride Fest.

In this episode, I follow Bonnie and her clothing line Wiener Winks and they set up shop at the Twin Cities Pride Fest. On our adventure, we also meet Marc Holley a former Marine now business owner of Atlas Defense Minnesota; A company that...