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Mostly Minutia Podcast

People share stories about a seemingly trivial detail in their life.

Hosted by Colleen Lindl

Cover art by Evah Fan

Dec 6, 2018

A few days ago, I read a quote by the late artist Ben Shahn. “I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none.” And this quote reminds me so much of my guest Scott Marvel. Scott is an artist. He’s a husband a Father a Filmmaker. He's also the president of Daily Planet;...

Nov 20, 2018

Emily Lindl is part of the Steamfitter’s union Local 601 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But would you believe Emily worked as a flight attendant for almost a decade? For most of her 20's, Emily flew for Midwest Airlines and at the age of 30 with the company going out of business, Emily began a whole new career. 


Jul 9, 2018

Anyone who has ever felt swamped, imprisoned, paralyzed or had panic attacks over their student loan debt this story is for you.

In 2012, Hillary Carroll graduated with an MFA from UCLA. She owed 130k--between her loans, interest accrued, and capitalized interest. This story is about how she paid it off.

In June of...

Jun 20, 2018

Cruz Flores and his wife Dawn were expecting the birth of their son Henry on Valentine’s Day 2016. So it came as a surprise when just at 29wks during a routine check up it became evident Henry needed to be born right then and there. On Dec 4, 2015 Henry was born just shy of 2 1/2 months before his due date and this is...

May 29, 2018

Mario Pendilla is a Camera Operator on hit Fox show MasterChef. He also happens to look fresh fresh fresh in his Jordans. The third in this series on Sneakerheads, Mario Pendilla takes us on a trip through his closet. A self-proclaimed NON-Sneakerhead, Mario owns 35 plus pairs of Jordans. Each pair of shoes in their...